for you and your home


Here is your chance to get your home entertainment library truly organized. The ATLANTIC MAXSTEEL 12-TIER SHELVING unit (that also comes in an 8-tier version) finally allowed me to get my CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays and VHS tapes organized all in one place. One advantage of having tangible media like these instead of relying on streaming is that they often come with special features. I like having my own home library of books and entertainment so that I am not dependent on a streaming service or even a public library for keeping the things I like that may not have the demand they require. But regular shelves were getting too crowded. In some cases I had tapes and DVDs three and four rows deep, which made it hard to find what I wanted when I wanted it. I shopped and shopped until I found this unit. I did have to assemble it myself but that was not difficult. It sort of snaps together. No screwdriver or drill, etc., needed. I was able to get rid of a hideous old, big, dark and inconvenient shelving unit. This hardly sticks out from the wall, opening up the floor space and letting in more light from a window. This is one of the best investments I have ever made in getting organized and saving my sanity!


This SIMPLEHOUSEWARE laundry bag pack is an economical answer to a long and frustrating search for well made bags for lingerie and other delicate garments. The bags are made of smooth but durable material in a very fine mesh. Bra hooks cannot escape through this mesh and ruin other garments. Long sleeves do not get wrapped around the washer’s agitator or even other sleeves or the legs of pants, which can pull them out of shape. There is a tunnel of material to park the zipper in, so that the bag will not open during the wash cycle. These bags will help your garments last longer without taking a beating in the laundry. I love these bags so much that I bought a second set of them.

The LOGITECH H800 BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADSET WITH MICROPHONE is simply wonderful. It has fabulous sound and is lightweight and does not squeeze the ears too hard, which is so important when the person uses hearing aids. I have bought two of these because I accidentally sat on the first one. I chose this headset because it was very highly rated by Dragon NaturallySpeaking several years ago and remains highly rated against headsets that are two and three times as expensive.


The FOLDING POCKET MAGNIFIER was a much appreciated gift to a friend who has very limited vision. She likes the attached protective case; the fact that it is attached keeps her from dropping and losing it. It is lightweight. And it is inexpensive, too, so I actually bought her two: one to use at home and one to keep in her handbag so that she will have it with her and not accidentally leave it at home. She uses this to read labels on products in the supermarket and to read menus in restaurants.


The CLEANING WIRE FOR SOUND TUBES on behind-the-ear hearing aids is not really a “wire” so much as a filament that hearing aid users get with their hearing aids. It looks big here, but it is really about as thick as a cat’s whisker or a horsehair, and it is very easy to lose! Hearing aid fitters typically charge about $5 for just one of these! And it is a nuisance to have to go get a replacement. With your purchase below, you can buy several at one time. I like to stock up on things I know I will go through—or lose—because it is never a convenient time to do without, when you need it and don’t have it.


TED’S PAIN CREAM really works for me. It is not something that you rub that stops pain instantly—but only temporarily. It is formulated to give you moderate pain relief immediately, and lasting pain prevention eventually! Or, at least, it will reduce how much pain comes back once the effect wears off. It is very light and fluffy, almost like whipped cream out of a spray can, and it has not stained anything I have worn. This original formula does have the scent of wintergreen (like Life Savers breath mints) but that dissipates immediately, unlike the strong smell of eucalyptus and menthol that some old-fashioned rubs have. Ted’s has also made a gel that does not smell minty. I have bone-on-bone in one knee that could give me enough pain to wake me up at night. But I use Ted’s Pain Cream three or four times a day, always before bedtime, and my knee never bothers me in the night. The idea behind Ted’s Brain Science is that the cream trains the nerves around the site of the hurt to stop reacting to the pain in sympathy. They all calm down. I hope it will work as well for you as it does for me.